The plugin that makes generating beautiful photo albums & slideshows off your flickr account dead easy in RapidWeaver.

Rapidflickr takes the photos you already have in Flickr (you are using Flickr aren't you? If not you should be) and within seconds can turn them into a variety of beautiful web galleries or slide shows.
Lightbox V2 New
Fancy new lightbox effect. Gives a great way to view photos without having to navigate a bunch of pages. Go here to see it in action

Group Support

Starting with 0.93 you can now view by 'groups'. For examples go here

Fun Ideas I've put up a gallery of fun ideas on how to use rapidflickr here

Live Updates

Starting with version 0.93 you can now make flickr gallery that update live. They work the same as always in terms of specifying what to show but if you check 'enable live updates' it will do a search every time the page is viewed (instead of just when you publish from within Rapidweaver®
!). This is a very cool feature and provides some really interesting dynamic web page creation, for instance you can go here to see the 12 most interesting photo's of Thomas Hawk updated every time you view the page! Requires PHP so no .Mac support (sorry!)

Photoset Support
Starting with version 0.92 you can choose to select photos by either tags or Photosets!

Organize Galleries your way
Show photos by date taken, date uploaded username or keywords. You can also show photo sets which let you organize them exactly the way you want.
Creative Control
Once you have a gallery configured you have many options for creative control. The free version gives you a view that works with all of the built in themes nicely and lets you control if titles are shown or not.

With registration you can used advanced features that allow a lot more creative control For instance look here to see a nice 3D drop shadow effect....Also you can turn on the 'lightbox' feature that allows you to 'zoom' in place (hard to explain but it makes perfect sense when you see it).

Registered users can also easily create a flash slideshow like this of their pictures.... Dead Easy (note that you must actually 'own' the pictures to do a slideshow.. you can't do them off of someone elses).

"Securely" share your photos with Friends & Family without requiring them to get a flickr account
Have you ever wanted to have a web gallery of photos that you wanted friends & family to see but you don't want to Make grandma get a flickr account (for god sakes, she just learned how to do email!)... now you can.

With registration you can 'authorize' rapidflickr to also work with your private photos which allows you to make gallery pages with 'private' URL's that you can send to grandma (a sort of security by obscurity).

Plus all of the great flickr features
Every image clicks through to your flickr account so people can post comments.
Pictures are stored on flickr, not your account so uploading is fast & easy (and it doesn't use your bandwidth... Go ahead! Make that 500 photograph gallery you've always dreamed about and worry not about bandwidth costs (warning, broadband only!)).

Great! How do I get started!
Well first go ahead and download the latest version and give it a spin.
(I also keep the previous, 'Stable' version here)

If you like it, consider registration. It's only $9.95 and is totally secure (I use the same payment system that RapidWeaver does) registered users get access to all of the features within rapidflickr.

Rapidflickr is in active development so expect the number of options & features to grow. Feel free to drop me a line with any feature requests and Check back often!

Questions? Comments
Please direct them to