Please remember to uninstall old version of the plugin before upgrading
1. In the Finder open the folder Home > Library > Application Support > RapidWeaver.
2. Find the
rapidflikr.rwplugin and move it to the trash.

Version 1.40 June 15, 2014
  • https support: Flickr is moving from http to https. This version moves RapidFlickr to use https exclusively in support of flickr's change (Change in flickr is happening June 27, 2014) -- This update is highly recommended.

Version 1.38 Feb 8, 2011
  • Fixed lightbox effect in more modern webkit browsers (e.g. chrome)
  • Fixed a problem where 'date uploaded/date taken' preference was not saved

Version 1.36 Feb 2, 2010
  • Fixed a date problem with Live Updates introduced in 1.35

Version 1.35 Jan 21, 2010
  • Fixed a date search problem
  • Improved Snow Leopard compatibility

Version 1.33 Feb 24, 2009
  • Fixed a problem where the enigmatic "Method Unknown not found" error message would come up

Version 1.32 Feb 24, 2009
  • Safari 4.0 support

Version 1.31 September 14, 2008
  • Added Sparkle Support
  • Improved error handling & messages
  • Improved look in RapidWeaver 4.0 (new icon)
  • When selecting photosets the ‘# of photos’ option is now properly disabled
  • Improved save/recall

Version 1.29u April 15, 2008

  • Fixed up some references to non-existant CSS code and added the 'loading' animation

Version 1.28u August 10, 2007

  • Fixed a long standing problem with the drop shadow view and the lightbox effect.

Version 1.27u August 3, 2007

  • Fixed a problem where tiles with a ' in them didn't render properly if you used the RWDefault look.

Version 1.26u June 24, 2007

  • Improved group recognition. Previously if the group name changed RapidFlickr would lose track of that, not it should remember the group name even if it does change.

Version 1.25u June 1, 2007

  • Fixed a problem where titles with single quotes would not render properly.

Version 1.23u May 2, 2007

  • Remember when I said I fixed the picture storage problem with the 'new style' flickr photos? Well it turns out that the flickr documentation lies (in some cases) There are some photos that still seem to use the 'old style' even though they should all be 'new style'. This version will detect which styled is being used and apply that logic correctly.

Version 1.22u May 2, 2007

  • Changed the way pictures are retrieved to comply with new Flickr storage method. This is a experimental release so please report if you have any problems.

Version 1.20u Mar 22, 2007

  • Improved error message for invalid auth key
  • New experimental feature -- Tag search, you can select 'any', 'all' or 'bool'. If you select 'bool' it enables the feature like' ducks and water ' or 'ducks not water'

Version 1.19u Feb 27, 2007

  • Really fixed the error between RapidBlog & RapidFlickr if you import them both into a blocks page

1.18u Feb 22, 2007

  • Further fixed problems with titles haveing invalid characters
  • RapidFlickr now uses SlimBox for it's lightbox effect so you can import it into Accordion & Carasol
  • New search parameter next to tags list (Any, All or bool)
  • Fixed a problem with Open Basedir errors for live publishing.
  • Fixed a incompatibility between RapidFlickr & RapidBlog

1.13u Sep 9, 2006

  • Slightly better error checking in the event that a communication problem happens with Flickr
  • Fixed a problem caused if you had characters like ',", <, > in your photo title

1.11u August 18, 2006

* Fixed a problem with Authenticated queries & live updates
* You can now select "Original" size

1.10u June 9, 2006

* Added a nice new output format. Lightbox v2. You can now output in either normal, Lightbox V1 and LIghtbox V2. You can see an example of the output here or here and you can control it from the 'output' tab in the effects drop down

1.06u June 2, 2006

* Fixed a core dump if a user typed in a email address instead of a flickr username (Strangely this only seemed to show up with Intel based macs even though the problem had nothing to do with which processor was being used)
* Fixed several annoying NSURL zero errors

1.05u June 2, 2006

* Fixed a 'live rendering' defect that made all of the pictures appear on top of each other
* Fixed the problem where the theme drawer shoved some of the search elements into the header

1.04u May 29, 2006
* Completely uninstall the old version before installing this
* First universal app
* New Icon (thanks Nik!)

1.0 final March 24, 2006
* 1.0!
* A few small changes to support 23... It's not enabled yet but the underpinnings are there so it shouldn't be much more
* Slightly modified some error checking

0.9.3b7 March 17, 2006

* Improved HTML rendering... Now passes the check at
* Removed nasty border when using Drop Shadow and some themes (e.g. simple)

Version 0.9.3b6 March 15, 2006
This is a proper 0.9.3b6 release that seems to work fine
If you've tried the live updates previously and had problems this release should help....

* Fixed a problem with overzelous error detection (it didn't allow non lightbox pictures with live update!)
* New option.. You don't need to specify anything (tags or username) and get the most recent photos from Flickr
* Previously I never properly saved the 'enable authenticated search' value. Now I do (I guess there aren't too many people using this!)

Version 0.9.3b5 March 14, 2006
Lots of internal changes + group support

* Group Support... To use groups click on the 'Flickr Username' pulldown... if you have authenticated with rapidflickr and have groups they show up in this pull down to select. you can narrow your group search via tags if you like -- Of course this works with live updates also
* Preview Pane now work after a 'load' -- Previously the preview pane was only functional if you started a new pane. Now it will work after you load a saved file (but it won't actually show anything until you change something so load an old file and then change something such as authentication on/off or tags or selected group, etc.) -- It's still not working like I want but it's closer
* on-line detection. I now detect if your computer is online or not. It works fine for me and detects if I unplug lan cable, etc. but PLEASE tell me if rapidflickr reports it can't connect (for fun you can get off the network and see this working)
* Improved error checking.. I try harder to catch & detect errors from both user & Flickr.
* Dirty Bit is now set if you change things like # of columns, etc.
* Improved error messages (I think improved anyway)
* New 'Busy' graphic for Lightbox is more mac like (spinning wheel)

Version 0.9.3b4 March 7, 2006
If you've tried the live updates previously and had problems this release should help....

* For some users it didn't pick up the 'files' folder correctly, it now properly handles it and should work in all cases (Thanks Seb & Nik)!
* Reworked live rendering to properly handle the case where the username isn't specified (previously was broken for live rendering)
* Photosets should now work properly in all cases for live rendering
* Added error checking when generating PHP files....If there is a problem should display better error messages

Version 0.9.3b3 March 6, 2006
* Now renders slideshows properly if live update is set (slideshows have always had live update enabled so setting the live update button doesn't actually do anything either way)
* No longer upload PHP files unless they are needed
* Some internal clean up (removed a few warning messages)

Version 0.9.3b2 March 6, 2006
* Photoset support for live updates
* Fixed 'drop shadow' effect. Everything should work more-or less the same whether you do a live update or static views

Version 0.9.3b1 March 5, 2006
* Live Updates! The much requested feature is finally here. If you select live updates it will always show the most current results (e.g. if you upload new photos they automatically show up) . Everything works as expected except no photoset support for live updates (will be in next version) and the drop shadow effect is broken (I know the problem, I just don't know yet how to fix it)
NOTE: Live Updates requires PHP support. Will not work on .MAC
* Removed silly table %'s that caused output to not center properly sometimes
* Fixed a memory leak

0.9.2b2 Feb 24, 2006
* Set support was broken if you set included a comma (,). This is now fixed
* Tables now center themselves and output HTML code cleaned up a bit (Thanks to Marco Frissen for this suggestion)
* If you select pictures by "photoset" that name is automatically propagated to the flash slideshow
* Sets & Tag selection are now no longer case sensitive
* A crash that could occur when selecting pictures is now fixed

0.9.2b1 Feb 23, 2006
* Set Support! Now you can choose to view by either tags or sets

* Flash Slideshow 'set' selection will now suggest one of your existing sets if you want to reuse it
* Flash slideshows are now centered (thanks to Seb Payne for catching this)
* Fixed a defect where there was no link back to Flickr if you selected both "Lightbox" and "Drop Shadow" (this is against the rules of use in Flickr). I fixed that (sorry...)
* Previously if you selected "lightbox" I forced the title to appear, now you can choose not to show titles and I'll put up a little 'Info' graphic that links back to Flickr (see Below for an example) -- Thanks to Adrian Thompson for this suggestion

Version 0.9.1 Earlier Version

Version 0.9 Earlier Version