I have a camera phone (Treo 650). I love the phone but honestly the camera isn't that great. The thing it IS however is handy since I always carry it.

I do two things with it.. Snap the occasional picture of my kids and use it to document things (like If I'm at a store and want to research a product later or if I'm at a hotel and want to make sure I remember my room)

Below, for your pleasure is my most recent 4 shots from my camera phone. I've used Live Update so you always get the most recent and told Flickr to always show the most recently taken pictures.

it's neat how it works... Flickr can assign you an e-mail address that if you send pictures to they automatically get added to your flickr account. I've then chosen to tag them with the word 'cameraphone'. Normally I default these pictures to 'private' but since I've turned on authenticated queries I'm able to share them on this page

Here are my settings

If you have a camera phone this is a fun way to share those photos... it's nice to give it to friends and family so you can say "Go here to see the most recent pictures i've taken with the camera phone...."

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