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Step 1: Get a Blogger Account

Step 2: Setup a blogger account

Step 3: Setup Rapidblog

Step 4: Start Blogging

The first step to setting up a RapidBlog is setting up a Blogger account. It's free and only takes a few minutes to set up. Blogger is owned by Google and they won't spam you or otherwise abuse your email account.

If you setup a new account proceed to step 3. If you already have a Blogger account there is one more step that may be required (see below).

RapidBlog requires a 'new style' Blogger account. If your Blogger account was first opened in 2006 or earlier and you don't remember switching it to a new style, there is a good chance you need to switch it.

Fortunately switching to a new style is easy. Go to the Blogger home page ( and simply select 'switch now'.

Finally, if you are not sure or you don't see the 'switch now' button, go ahead and try RapidBlog. If RapidBlog works, then you are good to go.
Now that you have a Blogger account select 'Create a Blog' from the dashboard.

Then create your new blog.

The blog title should be descriptive, but the blog URL doesn't have to be. Just remember to make note of the blog URL.

Next pick a template. If you want to use Blogger to host the blog then pick the Blogger template you like. If you are hosting it within Rapidweaver then you can ignore this for now (just keep the default).

Add a RapidBlog page and fill in your blog URL, username and password.

Make sure Web Address is set properly

Make sure the "Web Address" is setup and is correct (cmd-1 to go to setup area). If this is not correct then your pictures won't show up properly.

You can now blog from either RapidWeaver

Or you can post from the Blogger interface

Either way RapidBlog will synchronize the posts to show up in both Blogger and RapidWeaver