• I lost my registration code, How can I get it back?
    To retrieve lost license codes you need to go to two spots and fill out forms (It's two spots because there are two different ways to get licenses that have different retrieval methods -- Just do both and you should be good to go


    You will need the email you used to register the program -- All of your esellerate and loghound purchase serial numbers will be resent to you.
  • Where do I enter my Registration Code?
    When you purchase RapidBlog you will get the registration code (also sometimes called serial number) both on the final web page of the purchase screen as well as in a confirmation email.

    To enter it simply go to the Page Inspector for a RapidBlog page (shift-cmd-i) and click on the 'wrench' icon to get to the plugin settings. From there you can select the registration tab.
  • What versions of Mac OSX do you support?
    RapidBlog requires at least mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) to run
  • Getting Started
  • Most Important Tip
    The most important tip I can give is to save your work. This is especially important after you 'publish' as the act of publishing may alter the RapidBlog (say there was a entry edited remotely, after a publish it will sync to your RapidWeaver file)

    So even though RW may not indicate the need to change anything hid cmd-s after you publish to make sure you save all synced changes.

  • Decide if you want to keep a blogger page
    When you create a RapidBlog page you actually end up creating two pages. One is your rapidweaver version and one is your blogger version.

    For instance for my "All About Monkeys" page you can view it here (Rapidweaver version) as well as here (blogger version)

    You may decide that you don't really want the blogger version but instead want everyone directed to your rapidweaver version. If this is the case simple go into the template editing feature of blogger and select 'Edit HTML'

    In the section insert the text

    <meta content='0;url=[FULL URL TO YOUR SITE HERE]' http-equiv='refresh'/>

    Of course replace [FULL URL TO YOUR SITE HERE] with the actual URL but DO NOT INCLUDE THE [BRACKETS] -- Just type in the URL (click on the picture above to see an example). You can also delete everything between the <body> and </body> tags. Now the blogspot account will automatically redirect to you Rapidweaver account.

  • Customize RapidBlog
    There are a ton of options in RapidBlog to let you customize it to your hears content. All of the options should have tool-tips (hover the mouse for a few seconds over the item) to get help

    Preview mode also works properly and should give you a accurate view of your final pages.

  • Import your old Blog
    RapidBlog has a 'blog import' feature to allow you to easily load in your existing RapidWeaver blog. It's strongly recommended to save a backup copy of your RapidWeaver file first and carefully check the imported results afterwords.

    1. First save a backup copy (or make an archive)

    2. Then go to the setup menu -> Import tab. There will be a drop-down list of all the blogs in that RapidWeaver file. Select the one you want to import, click import.

  • Customize blogger
    In addition to the options without RapidBlog there are also options with Blogger that might be worth considering changing. While none of these have to be change it's probably worth considering.

    First make sure the Title makes sense. This is what will show up in the RSS feed title. Also it's probably a good idea to have a reasonable description. If you dont plan on using the Blogger front end at all you may consider turning off "Add blog to our listings" to avoid getting random visitors or spam.

    Finally the post editor (WYSIWG) Compose Mode. Blogger has a really slick editor, that, unfortunately can break valid HTML code. For instance as of this writing it will break youtube videos and doesn't, in general, allow custom javascript. If your needs are simple editing then you can keep it on but you may find if you are doing fancy stuff that your life is easier just turning it off.

    Also see "RapidBlog is entering extra spaces' in this FAQ for information about controlling blogger auto-inserting extra spaces between sentences.
  • Custom CSS
    For the most part RapidBlog uses the standard CSS rules that all RapidWeaver themes include. However because rapidweaver offers some additional features the standard blog client doesn't offer it has some additional class structures you can define CSS for.

    class Purpose
    blog-entry-author The Author name as defined by Blogger (You can control what it says here by editing the entry in blogger). This is only useful if you have a multi-author blog
    blog-entry-readmore The “Read More” string if you use a summary view
    blog-entry-comments the comment including the word ‘comment’
    blog-entry-comments-body the actual comment string
    blog-entry-comments-body-even Comments that are ‘even’ (e.g. comment 2,4,6,8)
    blog-entry-comments-body-odd Comments that are ‘Odd’ (e.g comment 1,3,5,7)
    blog-entry-comments-break The space between comments
    blog-entry-comment All blog entry comments (use this if you don’t want to define custom comments
    blog-entry-body the main “Body” of the blog entry
    blog-entry-category the “Category” class
    blog-entry-date The “Date” of the blog
    blog-entry-title The “Title” of the blog
    unique-entry-id-xx The ID of that post (e.g. unique-entry-id-0 is the first, unique-entry-id-1 is the second, etc.)

  • Blogger vs. my web host
    Your web host hold the pictures, theme files and any other regular RW pages (e.g. style text, blocks pages, etc.)

    Additionally, It will also hold the instruction (in PHP) for how to get the right text from blogspot.

    Blogspot.com just holds the text of the post.

    So when someone goes to your web site the posts are downloaded from blogspot but the images and theme files are loaded from your web host.

    When you publish rapidblog does two things.

    1. It will sync with blogger any posts (so any posts you added or modified remotely get added to RW, and any new or modified RW posts get pushed to blogger)
    2. It will upload all of the 'other' files it needs (include pictures, assets, supporting javascript, etc.)

    From your point of view you should be able to treat rapidblog no different than the built in RW blog and ignore that fact that it actually uses the blogger engine (except, of course, for the fact that if you go online and add a post it will magically show up even though your mac is maybe thousands of miles away)
  • What do I lose by using RapidBlog
    Although RapidBlog was designed to work in a very similar fashion to the standard RapidWeaver blog plugin there are some differences and in some cases some missing features. Specifically:

    1. RapidBlog has no podcasting module
    2. RapidBlog handles date formatting differently
    3. RapidBlog doesn't support smilies (tragic, I know)
    4. RapidBlog doesn't allow custom permalinks
    5. RapidBlog only supports 'categories'. The built in blog supports both 'categories' and 'tags'.

  • Does RapidBlog support .mac?
    No, unfortunately RapidBlog requires php which .mac does not support.
  • Comments
  • I use blogger comments and the pop up window redisplays my entire post -- Can I just get a comment window?
    To have just a comment window show up (not the rest of the post) in the popup window make sure you go select the "Pop up window" for comment form placement in the commeting section of blogspot.com (you do this online at blogspot -- not in rapidblog)

  • How can I control the spacing of inline comments?
    Inline blogger comments have a single <br class='blog-entry-comments-break' /> between them. You can control the size of this to increase or decrease the space between comments
  • HaloScan versus Blogger
    Starting with release 1.1 of RapidBlog there is support for both Blogger style comments and HaloScan. What you pick is somewhat a matter of personal preference but here are a few things to consider

    Haloscan let's you theme the comment page to your liking and also offers a nice popup window that currently doesn't work with Blogger. On the other hand Blogger comments are integraetd into the blogspot engine so when you are editing posts online you can see all of the associated comments.

    Ultimately it's a personal choice, fortunately with RapidBlog you can choose which one works bets for you.

  • I turned on the 'show/hide' feature and now I get an underlined link
    The 'show/hide' feature where comments can be hidden and then quickly shown uses a link (anchor) so it will appear however your links are set to display. If you do not like the appearance of this you can easily fix it with some custom CSS on the page. For example if it's underlined and you don't want it underlined you can remove the text decoration with

    .blog-show-link {

  • is it possible to use JS-Kit commenting system
    Yes -- Select the 'JS-Kit' comment type from the setup menu.
  • Is it possible to use the "Disqus" commeting system
    Yes -- Select "Disqus" from the comment section of the setup menu for RapidBlog (you will need to have a Disqus account and a 'short name' already assigned)
  • Troubleshooting
  • My images are too far down on the page
    Starting in 2009 Blogger changed the way images were inserted (if you use the web client) - The unfortunate side effect is the images will get pushed too far below your sidebar.

    The fix to this is to add some Custom CSS to your rapidblog page

    .separator {
    clear: none !important;

    It should look something like this in Rapidweaver.

    CSS to fix images inserted in Blogger showing up below the sidebar
  • Categories and/or archive dates don't work!
    If you have the 'ajax' feature turned on (in settings under 'general' for Archives & Categories) try turning it off -- This feature doesn't work for every theme.
  • When I preview I don't see my pictures or links!
    Starting with RapidBlog 1.79 you can now have fully styled summaries. If your summaries are missing formatting, links, etc. then you need to go into rapidblog and specifically select the text that you want to view as summary and select the summary button.

    You can also mark text as summaries within the blogspot by wrapping it with a span of class="rapidblog-summary".
  • T_STRING error
    If you get the following on a RapidBlog page

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in xxx on line 1

    Where 'xxx' refers to a path on your system then you probably have 'Use XML Declaration' enabled in the page inspector. It's located in different places for RW3.5 and RW3.6

    Simple turn it off to make this error go away

  • Formatting is wrong
    If you take a post entry and edit it in RW then Blogger, then RW, then Blogger it may turn out that you loose formatting and it otherwise starts acting strange. RapidBlog works very hard to try to make this all happen automatically but it can get confused. It's best to try to edit only one place at a time. Within RapidBlog you can easily tell if a post was last edited on the web by the 'lock' icon next to the title
    Indicates last edit was remote

    You can also enable a warning dialog in the setup panel to help remind you to tread cautiously.

  • Pages take too long to come up!
    The way RapidBlog is currently implemented it queries the blogger service every time a page view is requested. This can result in a .25 to 1 second delay in viewing pages. The best way to control how fast pages come up is to limit the number of pages to a reasonable number (say less than 10). The other good way to control the time it takes to bring up is to not enable 'show number of comments'

  • I want to migrate my blog to RapidBlog
    For the most part you should be able to import your old blog and then put RapidBlog in it's place. The two areas that might break are:

    1. RapidBlog permalink pages are different than the built in RW Blog permalink pages
    2. RapidBlog uses PHP to process the RSS feed

    If those two are important to you consider keeping both blogs 'live'
  • I want to blog with a friend
    RapidBlog supports multiple authors using the blogger author feature. To use it invite your friend to your blog. It is strongly recommended that you make all authors 'admin' otherwise RapidBlog gets very, very confused if you try to edit each others post.

  • Why doesn't it delete posts?
    When you hit the 'minus' sign to delete a post RapidBlog takes note of that and will delete it on the next 'publish'.
  • Help, I got a bunch of duplicate entries
    For the most part RapidBlog should sychronize things quite nicely but there are situations (like if you sync and don't save) where it's possible duplicate entries can show up.

    RapidBlog includes an automatic process to find & delete duplicates, simply arrange the posts with duplicates in adjacent entries and your most desirable version on top and go to the 'setup' menu and select 'delete duplicates'. RapidBlog will mark for deletion any posts that It thinks are duplicates.

  • New categories don't show up!
    For performance reasons categories work a little differently than you might expect. At publish time RapidBlog publishes a known list of all categories so they can display (if you enable that option). however if you remotely edit a post or add a new post remotely and create a new category RapidBlog will not show it in the web page until you re-publish.

  • "Sync" vs. "Publish"
    When you hit the 'sync' button in the setup menu it does a 'deep sync' -- This means that it pulls ALL of your posts from blogger and compares them to the post's in RW. If you find that somehow you are out of sync then this will fix that.

    What the sync button doesn't do it push up any graphics so if you have a post you've written that includes a picture the sync will push it onto blogger but the graphics won't be uploaded to your server so it'll be a dead link

    In general you shouldn't have to use the sync button in the setup menu.
  • I can't see my posts!
    If you get 'Blogger Down' or otherwise can't see your posts on your web site there is a chance you've turned off the feed.

    There are two places where this can bite you:

    1) Go into the blogger web page settings->site feed and make sure 'Allow Blog Feed' is turned to 'full'

    2) Make sure your 'Anyone' can read the blog by going to the permissions tab

  • I Can't see my posts V2
    If you don't see any posts another possibility is that your web host does not allow 'external access' by PHP scripts. The way RapidBlogger works in contacts blogger to get your most recent posts. If your host prevents that access then RapidBlogger won't work.

    This is a fairly rare occurrence and usually only happens with 'free' type accounts.

    To test if this is a problem or not download this file:


    Publish it to your web host and then visit the page. To see what a 'working' version is you can visit my working version here to see what it should look like. If yours doesn't display anything after the initial text then you probably can't access the internet from your web host.

  • I tried to replace my RW blog with RapidBlog and it didn't work!
    If you are trying to replace an built in RapidWeaver blog with RapidBlog and it doesn't appear to be working the problem may be because your old RW Blog is still hanging around. The way RapidWeaver works is it never deletes old files on your server (which is a good thing) so when you change from a built in blog (which might be called index.hmtl) to a RapidBlog (which might be called index.php) you could have a problem because a person going to your site might not specify *which* version they are looking for and (the .html or .php) and the poor web server has to decide. Guess what? It always chooses a .html over a php if given a choice.

    The quick test is to make sure that you are getting the url you expect with a PHP ending.
  • When someone looks at my RSS feed it goes to blogger!
    Check your settings in blogspot.com. Specifically in the settings -> site feed area.

    Blog feeds should be set to full and unless you really know what you are doing leave the other two blank (the other two can be used for things like feedburner but it can cause a lot of problems if you input them wrong)

    blogger settings
  • Help, it's lost a post!
    Before you panic make sure you do a 'deep sync' from the setup menu. This will guarantee that blogger & RapidBlog have the same entries.
  • When I view the page I get a bunch of code (or it downloads a file)
    If you get a bunch of 'code' and/or it downloads a file when you view the Rapidblog it's possible your web host doesn't support PHP. Most web hosts do support PHP but a few (very low cost version and things like .mac) do not. A quick way to test to see is to try using the 'contact' page -- if that does the same thing it usually points to a PHP problem.
  • RapidBlog is entering blank lines!
    If you see blank lines in your post that you do NOT see in preview mode then you probably have enabled a blogger 'Feature' that automatically adds a break (<br />) for every 'return'.

    In general this will cause extra space between things like lists, paragraphs, etc. It's kind of a personal choice if you want this enabled or not. It's nice if you use the web form a lot but a pain if you use RapidWeaver a lot. To turn this off simply go to the 'settings->Formatting' and select 'no' for convert Line Breaks.
  • What bloger settings should I "not" change?
    In general you can go into blogger.coma and muck around with settings. There are a few, however, that will break rapidblog. Specifically:

    Site Feed -> Allow feed needs to be kept at 'full'

    Don't use custom domains. Publish to blogspot.com

  • When I preview all I get is a bunch of 'HTML' code
    If you see a bunch of HTML code during a preview it's probably because you have 'preview in place' turned on in the "Site Setup" menu of RapidWeaver (cmd-1)

    Preview in rapidblog uses PHP procesing which will not work with Preview In Place set.
  • I got a lot of warnings and notices
    If you get a lot of undefined errors like this

    Notice: Undefined variable: HTTP_REFERER in (some path) on line 186
    Notice: Undefined index: SCRIPT_URI in (some path)on line 187

    The likely cause is your web host has set default PHP warning level too high. To fix it put the following in the 'page prefix' section of the page


  • I Can't get any output
    This FAQ entry assumes you can't get RapidBlog to work (and you never got it to work) -- If you go to the page and is blank or only renders the top half this might help troubleshoot what is happening. This is sort of a 'deathstar' of troubleshooting, it'll print everything that it thinks is meanigful to the screen and might provide some insight and can be a little tricky to interpret but can often provide some insight.

    Simply insert the following code in the 'prefix' section of your rapidblog page (the prefix section can be accessed by going to the page inspector)

    error_reporting (E_ALL);

  • I get a bunch of garbage characters.
    If you get a bunch of garbage characters make sure you are running RapidWeaver 3.5.1 build 264

    The build number is really important. Many people are running build 263 which has a known problem with garbage characters occasionally occurring.
  • How can I tell if Blogger is 'up' or not?
    You can always check the blogger status page: http://status.blogger.com to see if there are any performance or downtime issues.
  • 404/Resource not found errors
    If you get a 404 or "Resource not Found" error the problem appears to be that you have posted too many posts to Blogger. I'm working on a long term fix but here are a few short term suggestions.

    1) Go to https://www.google.com/accounts/DisplayUnlockCaptcha?service=blogger And fill out the captcha request.
    2) Wait 30 minutes or so
    3) Try again.

    If that doesn't work then go to the web client at http://www.blogger.com and try to add a post via the web interface. You should be asked for a 'captcha' during the post (which is a random series of numbers and letters). Once you add the post with the captcha wait another 30 minutes and try the post via web -- As long as the captcha is present RapidBlog (or any 3rd party blogger tool) won't work.

    If it's STILL not working then you'll need to ask blogger to reset your account and increase your limit. you can do that by going to


    Tell them the account is captcha locked and ask them to raise your limit. This usually only takes a day or so.

  • GoDaddy
    I really hate writing this entry, I have nothing really against GoDaddy except for the number of problems their odd configurations cause:

    If you have GoDaddy you need to be prepared for periodic downtime in RapidBlog (as of this writing anyway, April 2007). If you aren't locked into a long term contract you might consider changing web hosts to one that is more reliable (I use and recommend DreamHost). I hope at some point to remove this FAQ item but it keeps on coming up with GoDaddy.

    See the note below for the details, I suggest opening a support ticket and referencing ticket 1789043 (say "It's the same problem as ticket 1789043"). You can see the GoDaddy response below for more details (click on image to get full details)

    If you do decide to move to DreamHost you can use the coupon code 'NoDaddy' at checkout and save $97 off your first year (making the first year about $20 total). Just to be clear I don't benefit at all if you use that coupon code (except for the indirect benefit that more of my customers are on Dreamhost which I find a very good host)

  • Does RapidBlog support the pluskit gdoc, gform and gtable commands?

    gdoc/gtable/gform require the use of PHP code execution on the server. For security reasons RapidBlog will not execute remote PHP code and so those commands won't work.

  • Tips & Tricks
  • Can I use RapidBlog if I also have custom domains?
    Blogger let's you use Custom Domains -- As of release 1.79 of RapidBlog you can chose a custom domain by entering the full url to it in the setup menu (including the slash)

    So for instance if you have a custom domain set up with blogger for http://mydomain.com you would enter "http://mydomain.com/" in the blogger setup (just above your username & password)

  • I would like to use a ping service, how can I do this?
    Right now RapidBlog does not have any built in ping services to ping sites like technorati.com, weblogs.com, etc. However there are third party solutions that can do this very nicely.

    One nice service is Pingoat With this you can create a list of sites you want to pin and save it as a favorite URL. When you make a change simple visit this URL and you are good to go!

    Thanks to the guy in the RapidWeaver forum for this idea.
  • I want to add a (digg/del.icio.us/etc.) button
    Put the following snippet in the 'interblog' setting. Make sure you have 'evaluate PHP code' turned on and you should get a nice addthis button. Make sure you mark the text as 'ignore formatting' (cmd-.) to avoid RapidWeaver from inserting bits of html (that's what the light pink background means)

    global $urlToThisPage;
    $title=$myEntry['TITLE'] ;
    print "<a class='addthis_button' addthis:url='$blogPostPermaLink' addthis:title='$title' src='http://s7.addthis.com/static/btn/v2/lg-share-en.gif'></a>";

    And in the "Footer" section add this bit of javascript

    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://s7.addthis.com/js/250/addthis_widget.js"></script>

    Example of how setup should be for AddThis
  • How do I add a "Digg" button?
    Below is a snippit of code you can copy into the interblog setting to add a digg button.

    <?php rapidblogJavascriptVars(); ?>
    <script type='text/javascript'>
    digg_url = blogPostPermaLink;
    <script src='http://digg.com/tools/diggthis.js' type='text/javascript'>

  • Is it possible to use JS-Kit ratings?
    Similar to JS-Kit comments you can insert JS-Kit ratings.

    In the interblog text insert the following:

    global $urlToThisPage;
    $title=$myEntry['TITLE'] ;
    print "<div class='js-kit-ratings' title='$title' path='$path' permalink='$blogPostPermaLink'>js-comments</div>";

    and make sure to enable 'Evaluate PHP Code' as well as set the posts to show up every '1'. You might also want to mark the code as unformatted (cmd-.) It should look like this:

    To the footer add the following

    <script src="http://js-kit.com/ratings.js"></script>

    Which should look like this:

    Please note that JS-Kit comments & Ratings will look funny (or not work at all) until you publish so don't depend on preview to check that they are working.

  • Can I localize the Date to my Country?
    Yes, to Localize you need to define a dictionary that converts the english word to the "Other" (your) language (e.g. October => Oktober, etc.) Use the table in the date selection to do this.
  • Blog by Email
    Blogging via e-mail is super easy using Bloggers 'Mail-to-Blogger' address.

    From the web go to settings -> Email and create a 'secret' email address. Whenever you send an email to this address it will get posted

  • Why Blogger and not WordPress,etc?
    Blogger is a free service with a very easy to use and administer system that supports everything I was looking for. Blogger is also owned by Google so I expect that over time they will integrate it even more into google services. Finaly it doesn't really matter what the backend is since it just stores the post.
  • How can I create custom summaries from the blogger (web) interface?
    To create custom summaries from the blogger (web) interface you need to add a tiny bit of custom html. If you use summary view RapidBlog will look for an element wrapped in

    <span class="rapidblog-summary"> YOUR SUMMARY HERE </span>

    You can easily add this by editing the HTML for your post and putting the code around the area you want as a summary.
  • I don't see pictures
    Make sure your 'Web Address' is set properly in site setup (cmd-1). This is what your website url will eventually be and should be of the form 'http://mysite.com/path'

    If this is not correct then your pictures won't show up properly. Nik Fletcher has posted a nice blog page about this here and a screencast here.
  • I added pictures from blogger and they don't stay nicely with the post
    By default Blogger inserts pictures that 'float' -- This means that they will tend to flow content to one side which will cause them to overlap multiple posts. Some themes handle this fine but some don't.

    Fortunately there is a simple fix. Adding the following custom CSS to your RapidBlog page -- It tells the page that when you get to comments make sure that any 'floating' elements are clear (e.g. put the comments below the pictures)

                    .blog-entry-comments {
                     clear: both;
  • Some characters don't work in categories
    Certain characters are disallowed in categories.

    Specifically: &<>@!,

    All other characters (including UTF-8/accented characters such as éöïè, etc) should work fine.

    See the blogger help for more information
  • How do I preview locally?

    If you want to export your site locally and preview it you need to view it through the mac built in web server. There are a few steps but it actually works great and is a nice way to preview your site without uploading the entire thing to a server.

    First turn on PHP support in the supplied apache web server.  A good resource for this is

    http://the.taoofmac.com/space/HOWTO/Enable PHP on Mac OS X

    Then you will need to make sure personal web sharing is enabled.  Now you can just export to your 'Sites' directory and then view it by going to http://localhost/~short_user_name/exported_path

    Where short_user_name is your short username and exported_path is the directory you exported.

  • How do I check my version of PHP?
    To check your version of PHP publish this RW3 file on your web site. A lot of good information will appear including the version of PHP you are running
  • What does that little lock icon appear next to my title sometimes?
    That little "Lock" icon means the post was last edited by Blogger. If you edit it within RapidBlog you may loose formatting. You can have RapidBlog automatically warn you before editing these post by selecting that option in the setup menu

  • Can I use FeedBurner with RapidBlog?
    It's easy to use FeedBurner with Rapidblog.

    1. Get the URL to your RSS feed from rapidblog. You can do this by publishing the blog and then right clicking on the RSS feed in the sidebar and saying 'copy location'
    2. Copy that address into feedburner, you will need to setup an an account but it will give you a new URL that is your feedburner address (for instance my blog is http://feeds.feedburner.com/LoghoundcomBlog)
    3. Go back into rapidblog and turn off the feed. This prevents RapidBlog from putting it in the sidebar (don't worry, RapidBlog still publishes the feed so feedburner can always get it

    4. Now add the feed to your sidebar manually using the following code. Make sure your sidebar is set to HTML or if it's styled text make sure to mark it as 'ignore formatting' (cmd-.)

    5) Now the feed on the sidebar should properly point to the feedburner version

  • How do I get Google Adsense to appear?
    Simple: Use the 'interblog' feature found in the "Header/Footer' tab

    Just copy the google adsense code into the interblog -- Take care to delete the starting 'HTML comment' string otherwise it won't work

  • I want the author name to have "Written By:" in front, is that possible?
    Sure! You can do it with some fancy CSS

    .blog-entry-body .blog-entry-author:before {
    content: "Written By: ";

    This code basically tells RW to prepend the words "Written By" before the author.
  • I want a blog that only my friends can see
    RapidBlog requires that your blog be 'public' so that it can display it. There is a way, however, to provide limited access. It's important to note that anyone who is motivated enough could probably figure out a way to see it but it makes it unlikely that people will fine it.

    First you need to change your blogger template. You can go here to see how to change it to a redirect page (or just leave out the redirect and it becomes a dead link)

    Then put your blog behind a Lockdown page and give your friends a username and password.

    At this point if they go to the blogger page they get either a blank page or get redirected to your password protected page. What's important to realize is that the 'feed' of the blog is still available. It's not advertised anywhere but it's available and someone who was really motivated could possibly figure out how to view the posts -- it's not terribly easy but it is possible.

  • How do I use the "Avatar" feature?
    The "Avatar" feature allows you to put a small graphic underneath each post -- This is very useful if you have multiple authors posting to a single blog. To use simply enter the name of the blogger (This is the name that blogger identifies for that person) and the URL of an image to place underneath each post. Do this for as many people as you have posting.

    If you are not sure what the 'Name' should be you can easily find it by selecting 'Show Author in post' from the RapidBlog setup menu.
  • I'm away from my mac, how can I post?
    RapidBlog includes a fairly complete post editor but if you are away from your mac there are a few options

    1) You can use the Blogger web interface. For fairly basic stuff it works ok.
    2) You can set up a 'secret' email address. Again for basic stuff this is OK
    3) You can use a external blog editor.

    For #3 I personally recommend MarsEdit. It's a clean, lightweight solution for editing your posts that works great with RapidBlog

    MarsEdit: Powerful Blog Authoring Made Simple.
  • I would like my last post to show up in the sidebar of every page or elsewhere -- is there a way to just have that show up?
    It's possible to insert your blog posts (say the most recent one) at other spots in your web site. To do so, however, requires some custom javascript programming. While I can't really give support for writing custom scripts a small example can be had here

    The example will show a summary from the last blog post to my blog -- Go in and change the URL to your own (e.g. replace loghound2.blogspot.com with whatever your blogspot is)

    Once you have it working to you satisfaction you can insert it in your website.

    If you are familiar with javsascript this is pretty easy -- If you are not it's a good way to learn.