If you get a '404' or 'resource not found' error (or if you were given an error message that sent you to this page' you have come across a bug in how the blogger service works.

To keep it short: Blogger has a limit of 50 posts/day. For most normal use this is plenty but when you are doing an initial upload of posts (say from a converted RW blog) you can easily blow past this. The problem is that blogger lies. It will tell RapidBlog that everything went fine in the upload and even return a unique ID (a sort of blog serial number) but when RapidBlog later tries to reference it Blogger returns '404' or 'resource not found' errors (404 and resource not found are the same error)

To fix this problem go to the 404 FAQ entry, note that the way RapidBlog works you may need to sync a post twice before you can guarantee it's uploaded (make sure to mark the post as needing syncing each time)