PalmDoc Conversion for OS X
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What Is PorDiBle?

PorDiBle is an application to convert between text documents and Palm DOC files. Text files can be dropped onto PorDiBle and will be converted to a compressed .pdb file which can be read by any one of a myriad of Palm ebook readers (SmartDoc, TealDoc, iSilo, etc). Conversely, dropping a DOC .pdb onto PorDiBle will convert back to a text file.

How Does It Work?

Simply drag one or more appropriate files onto PorDiBle and let it do its work. Note that the Palm OS uses a different file name than the actual name of your document. PorDiBle will query you for the name that will appear on the Palm

Double clicking on the PorDiBle application (as opposed to drag/drop) will allow you access to the preferences through the PorDiBle menu. You can specify where files are saved, if PorDiBle should quit when it's finished converting, and if it should delete the original file in this window. These preferences default to the following: ask for save location, quit after processing is complete, and do not delete originals after conversion.

For text clippings you'd like to convert, or text in your clipboard, there is now a "Quick Convert" window (cmd-L or in file menu). Simply paste your text or drag your text clipping into the window and then push convert.

What's New in 3.4? (download) (src)

  • PorDiBle now tries harder to convert non ascii characters to ascii. It's still not very smart but at least now smart quotes are converted to 'regular' (non smart) quotes
  • Pordible now prints a more intelligent error message if it can't convert from pdb->txt

What's New in 3.3? (download) (src)

• Now a universal Binary
  • View file changed from 'apple-v' to 'shift-apple-v' (to avoid conflict with paste)
  • Converting from PDB -> TXT supported again (it was broken)
  • Creation Date & Modification Date are now set properly. Previously they weren't but the palm os would automagically fix them up UNLESS you copied them directly to an SD card (in which case they wouldn't be seen). Now they are properly set

What's New in 3.2?
  • John McLaughlin has graciously taken the source and written this update.
  • Removed donation button, dialog & nag screen
  • Automatically insert default filename for .pdb based on text file name
  • Supports HTML to PDB conversation
  • Supports RTF/RTFD to PDB conversation (was in 3.1 but source code lost)
  • Supports .doc (ms word) to PDB conversion
  • Added new preference button, "Ignore errors in conversion" (allows suppression of annoying dialog about lossy conversion)
  • added a 'view' file button that views the file (.doc, .rtf. ,html or .pbd) as it will appear on handheld (e.g. no formatting)