gnote -- Experimental

Pluskit now support an experimental feature to import google notebook. With this feature you can import a google notebook into your page. Google notebook is a service that let's you easily keep a small 'scratchpad' of ideas, web clippings, etc. It has several nice plugins for browsers (including firefox) and includes simple WYSIWYG editing. As with other Google services it allows you to 'collobarate' with someone remotely so you can setup a notebook that several authors can contribute to.

To use it make sure you've 'published' the notebok and then note the web address as it's used in the command

@gnote(({web-url},{number Of Entries}))

  • {web-url} is the URL to the public notebook (shown on the sharing page
  • {Number of Entries} is the number of notebook entries to show. It defaults to 'all', you can set it to a smaller number to only show the top 'n' (set it to '1' to show only the first entry)

For instance in the example above I would use


And it would show only my most recent note.