ggraph is a new, experimental, feature in pluskit 1.2. It allows you to include create flash graphs based on data stored in a google spreadsheet.

Note that the graph does not work properly in preview mode. It only works if you publish it to your web host -- Sorry about that but the way it works it requires a external datasource -- There is a way (I believe) to preview in place and you can certainly publish it to your local mac, turn on web hosting and view it there.

ggraph uses the fabulous Open Flash Chart Package

For example. Here is a table of rainfall for the last week


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It's a little cumbersome to figure out what is going on.... Let's graph it!

@ggraph((key:pegfyTc8f6LYIay2EcC20eg,id:met-graph1,width:400, height:200,title:Weather in California,autoScale:true))

@ggraph((key:pegfyTc8f6LYIay2EcC20eg,id:met-graph1,width:400, height:200,title:Weather in California,autoScale:true))

Let's look at in with a bar graph

@ggraph((key:pegfyTc8f6LYIay2EcC20eg,id:met-graph2,width:400, height:200,title:Weather in California,autoScale:false,graphType:bar,autoScale:true))

@ggraph((key:pegfyTc8f6LYIay2EcC20eg,id:met-graph2,width:400, height:200,title:Weather in California,autoScale:true,graphType:bar))

I hope to get better doc's online soon but for now I'll leave you with a command reference

Name Value Required? Dynamic?
key key value yes no
id id Provides a custom ID for the resulting graph yes no
sheet sheet name no no
ignore semicolon (;) seperated list of columns to not show in table no yes
sortby column name to sort no yes
reverse true or false Determines sort order no no
search search term determines what results to return based on search no yes
autoScale true or false no no
minValue Number < maxValue no no
maxValue Number > minValue no no
width Number > 0 no no
height Number > 0 no no
graphType line,bar,bar_glass,line_dot no no
dotSize Number >= 0 no no
lineSize Number>=0 no no
bgColor Color in Hex (#FF00FF) no no