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Step 4:

Add a Lockdown page

From RapidWeaver select "Add Page"

And add a Lockdown page

Your version might be different but it should be at least 1.71
Put the pages you want to be protected nested underneath the Lockdown page

Lockdown protects folders and everything underneath that folder. Because of this it is VERY IMPORTANT that each lockdown page is in it's own folder and that the pages underneath are in the Lockdown folder. RapidWeaver by default will do this but t's possible to override this by calling folder names like "/folder1" and "/folder2" Do not do this. Instead simply call folders "folder1" without a preceding slash

Add users with passwords. Make sure to turn on password protection

Add users & passwords. Make sure to turn on password protection!

Publish and then visit the page.

After you have set it up publish the site to your web host. You now need to visit the page. Either it will prompt you for a password -- OR it will tell you it was able to configure passwords (if you refresh it should ask for a password) OR it will tell you it was unable to conigure passwords and you need to do it manually.

If you have to do the manual step it it is a one time operation to configure the site for passwords. It will give you instructions on how to proceed but they basically involve copying a path into lockdown and then copying a file to your website. I've put together a small screencast that shows how to do the alternate config. you can watch it by clicking here