Lockdown pages with Lockdown Pages

Let's say you wish to lockdown a site (or some part of your site) but also wish to provide a special level of security for a few people. With lockdown it's Easy.

For instance in this tutorial I set up the following structure.. I'll only show Lockdown pages but of course for each nest level you could include any kind of page(s).

With the 'Sorta Secret' page with the following usernames/passwords

and the 'Super Secret' with the following username/passwords

In this configuration anyone who logs in with the username/password of 'sorta/secret' can access the 'sorta secret' page while anyone who logs in with 'super/secret' can access both pages.

If you use the automatic configuration this just automatically works properly.

If you use the 'Alternate configuration method' (e.g. logging in via ftp and copying over .htaccess file) then the only tricky part is you have to drag over TWO .htaccess files.. From the 'sorta secret' lockdown page within RapidWeaver drag the .htaccess over to the directory where the 'Sorta Secret' page is located on your server and from the 'Super Secret' RapidWeaver lockdown page drag over the htaccess to where the 'Super Secret' page is on your sever ("Super Secret will be in a sub directory of "Sorta Secret" since you nested "Super Secret" within "Sorta Secret")

Jump to "Sorta Secret" here (username/password is either sorta/secret or super/secret)
Jump to "Super Secret" here (username/password is super/secret)

Remember when visiting these pages that most web browsers will 'remember' usernames and passwords so once you've entered, say super/secret, it may not ask you again until you completely quit the browser and restart it.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this tutorial please contact me.