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Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Add a FaqMaker page

From RapidWeaver select "Add Page"

And add a FaqMaker page

Start adding questions and Answers

Add Faq entries with the "+" button and type in questions and answers. If your question is more than a single sentance you can create a 'long' version (multiline) by selecting the flippy triangle.

Tune the entries to taste

Play with Options

The setup menu has lots of fun options.

  • Change the 'theme' to get a different look or add your own theme.
  • Have FaqMaker add graphical or text tags next to new or modified entries.
  • Enable or disable RSS & PDF versions of the FAQ.
  • Enable or Disable Rating & Comments.
  • Play around and have fun!