FaqMaker Change Log

When installing a new version please remember to remove the old version first. Instructions can be found here

Version 1.22 May 2, 2010

  • Fixed a problem where the PDF links didn't show up properly.

Version 1.21 Jan 17, 2010

  • Fixed a Link Panel problem if a faq entry was set to not publish.

Version 1.19 Dec 18, 2009

  • Fixes lightbox problem introduced in 1.18

Version 1.18 Dec 17, 2009

  • You can now specify the PDF File name to something besides 'faq.pdf'
  • FaqMaker now confirms when you delete a row
  • You can now custom style the lighbox pages with CSS regardless of what mode the lighbox is in
  • Various other cleanups.

Version 1.17 Oct 17, 2009

  • Fixes a slow typing problem in Leopard with RapidWeaver 4.3

Version 1.16 June 6, 2009

  • Fixes problems with Cruftless links

Version 1.14 April 5, 2009

  • Feeds now validate
  • Fixed a problem with links to internal pages

Version 1.12 Feb 7, 2009

  • Various defect fixes
  • Changed references to 'Base URL' to the more modern "Website Address'

Version 1.10 Sept 21, 2008

  • Added a new theme "Slice" inspired by the very nicely done faq at slicehost.com
  • Added a new option "Questions in Sidebar" which will put the questions in the sidebar. Does not work well with some themes
  • Fixed a problem where the lightbox busy graphic would not appear if the page was not in a folder by itself
  • Added Sparkle Support

Version 1.08 May 28, 2008

  • RW4.0 and RW3.6 compatible
  • Fancy new theme ("Columns") which puts the questions in a column next to the answers.

Version 1.04 Jan 14, 2008

  • Fixed js-kit in lightbox entries
  • New version of smoothbox to help rendering in some cases
  • Fixed a problem where assets were not being picked up properly

Version 1.02 Nov 8, 2007

  • Fixed a problem when linking to faq items with link panel
  • RSS feeds now show up in the safari menu bar

Version 1.01 Oct 21, 2007

  • Fixed a problem with "updated tags" not showing up.
  • Added a 'glossary' theme that arranges the questions, many to a line on top -- Thanks to the crazy guys at the RapidWeaver forums for this one.

Version 1.0 Oct 14, 2007

  • First 1.0 version. Identical to 1.0B5 so no need to upgrade from that

Version 1.0B5 Sept 26, 2007

  • Fixed a problem with nil short anaswer causing an exception at publish.
  • Fixed a problem where potentially non web safe filenames were generated

Version 1.0B4 Sept 14, 2007

  • Fixed a problem with links in subpages not pointing out correctly
  • Fixed a problem where updating text didn't always set the 'dirty' bit
  • Changed PDF rendering to no longer center on the page (it should flush to the right)

Version 1.0B3 Sept 14, 2007

  • Fixed a problem with link's not being properly registered.
  • "Toned Down" the highlite border from bright red to a darker red. Added a bit of Margin & Padding to make it look nicer.

Version 1.0B2 Sept 4, 2007

  • Improved links -- Previously it was possible that they would appear to be present but really were not unless you typed. Now it's more robust and should 'just work' as you expect
  • Improved some wording of the GUI to make it more clear.
  • Moved javascript & CSS to the body so it now imports properly using pluskit
  • Back to top & custom CSS text fields now behave better
  • Tooltips are not configurable (colors, size and amount of content)

Version 1.0B1 Sept 1, 2007

  • First Public Release