Hi All,

I get a "few" emails every day about Rapidblog. Let me assure you that it is well on it's way, I'm 'feature complete' and currently working on squashing some annoying bugs and generally improving usability.

Unfortunately "Real LIfe" is raring it's head right now so progress has slowed down a bit. While I don't want to make any promises it seems to me that Rapidblog would make a great gift for your sweetheart.

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Nik posted a poem about the keynote...


If I had the time I would have written something similar. I still consider myself a relatively recent convert (It's been about 1 1/2 years now) and it's odd -- The PC world doesn't really have the same kind of events, products sort of roll out when they do but you never have anything like the timed mac events (WWDC, Macworld and some kind of pre-christmas announcement).

So while it was initially strange to me how excited everyone got around these events I've now become 'part of the cult' and tomorrow at 9:00PM I'll be constantly refreshing my browswer. At about 10:30 or so when the keynote is over I'll jump in the car and by noon I should be standing in the Apple booth!
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Macworld checklist

I'm heading to macworld next week. I'm lucky since I live so close (~1 hour drive to San Francisco), I'm doubly lucky since my in-laws live in San Francisco and I can crash there if I don't feel like driving home.

So here is my checklist of things to bring to Macworld

  1. Cell Phone (Treo)
  2. iPod (full of podcasts for traveling on muni or if I have time to kill)
  3. Small digital camera

Some folks walk around with laptops which I won't be doing (too much hassle). Even though I won't have my mac with me I'll of course be blogging from macworld thanks to Rapidblog.


More Macworld Goofiness

Is it just me or does it feel like the site was designed in 1992?

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Macworld Predictions

I just discovered the third holiday of this Holiday Season. Sure, you've heard of Christmas & New Years but I've now discovered

It's that time of the year when all Mac geeks obsess over what may or may not happen
Jan 9

I'll be at Macworld but this year I didn't spend the $200 to get a conference pass, I did it last year and the only thing I found worthwhile was the keynote (and I'd rather save my money for something to actually buy)

Anyway it's traditional to roll out predictions. Pretty much I don't know much more than the average Joe except for one thing. Unlike a lot of pundits I actually have a day job making products so I have a sense of how long things take and so I can apply some of that sensibility.


• iLife 07, iWork 07 -- Hardly worth 'predicting' enuf said
• Speed & proc bumps on macs
• iTV launch
Reasonable Chance
• iPhone introduction (shipping in Feb/Mar) (~60%)
• Wide Screen iPod (please, please have e-book support!) (~30%)
• 'high end' Mac pro (8 cores) (~70%)
• Rapidblog plugin for Rapidweaver Announced (~50%)
• New displays with built in isight (80%)
No Way

• Leopard shipping

One more thing

• Special addition Mac/iPod to celebrate 30 years
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New comment system

I've turned on comments but I'm not terribly happy with them yet. The biggest problem is they really slow down page renders since each post has to ask blogger "how many comments are there". This really seems to slow down page renders quite a bit (although I've not timed it). If you are reading this can you give me a sense of how fast it renders for you? (using the comment system of course)

It also uses a lot of the blogger comment system which is both good and bad.... Anyway work in progress.

I've also started a rapidflickr FAQ . It was inspired by a customer who said "You have great e-mail support but wouldn't it be easier to write some of these down and put them on the web?" Of course he was right.

Oh, and happy new year!

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New Blog Post

Hi All,

Just a reminder that if all goes well I'll be posting almost exclusively here for a while. There is a RSS feed for this page that you may want to subscribe to (you can see it in the sidebar at the bottom)


New version of Pluskit

Hi All,

I've had a sneak preview of a new version of Pluskit that supports Carasoul & Accordion for a week or so. I didn't put it up on my main site since I wanted a little bit of testing but I've not gotten any reports of problems so it's up now.

This version (0.922U) replaces the underlying javscript libraries for the pluskit to a version that is friendly with the YourHead plugins. Go ahead and grab it here!


A new blog

Hi All,

I've put up a new blog that I will be posting on more frequently going forward...I hope I can say more about the technology behind it by Macworld.

In the meantime you can check it out here.

You might also notice I've updated my Rapidblog Page.


A new Blog

This is a new location for an experimental blog that you should see me posting on more frequently. The advantage of this new blog is I should be able to post when I'm away from my mac (which, sadly, is too often)

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