Macworld Predictions

I just discovered the third holiday of this Holiday Season. Sure, you've heard of Christmas & New Years but I've now discovered

It's that time of the year when all Mac geeks obsess over what may or may not happen
Jan 9

I'll be at Macworld but this year I didn't spend the $200 to get a conference pass, I did it last year and the only thing I found worthwhile was the keynote (and I'd rather save my money for something to actually buy)

Anyway it's traditional to roll out predictions. Pretty much I don't know much more than the average Joe except for one thing. Unlike a lot of pundits I actually have a day job making products so I have a sense of how long things take and so I can apply some of that sensibility.


• iLife 07, iWork 07 -- Hardly worth 'predicting' enuf said
• Speed & proc bumps on macs
• iTV launch
Reasonable Chance
• iPhone introduction (shipping in Feb/Mar) (~60%)
• Wide Screen iPod (please, please have e-book support!) (~30%)
• 'high end' Mac pro (8 cores) (~70%)
• Rapidblog plugin for Rapidweaver Announced (~50%)
• New displays with built in isight (80%)
No Way

• Leopard shipping

One more thing

• Special addition Mac/iPod to celebrate 30 years
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