Wow -- Has it been this long since my last post?

I guess dates don't lie!  I wanted to drop a note explaining a oh-so-small change to my support site

For the last several months I've seen a slow but steady increase in Spam from my site.   It started out very small (maybe one spam in a few weeks) but it's recently spiraled out of control to tens or hundreds of spam posts per day!

Up until now I've used the most friendly spam filter available -- it asks you questions like "what day comes after tuesday".  It worked well but either the spammers have figured out a way to game that system or they are some poor human being somewhere to spam my support forum for items like Ugg boots (why Ugg boots?  no idea)

Anyway yesterday I turned on re-captcha (you know, the super-annnoying one that shows you two pictures that are heavily distorted).  So far it seems to be working, my spam load is down  to zero today!

This does, sadly, come at a small cost of being less friendly to ask your questions but honestly it was tough for me to keep the support site clean with so much spam.

I will continue to monitor the situation -- Perhaps in a month or so I'll turn it off and go back to the friendlier version to see if I can make it work.



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