Evernote Competition

I've been working frantically on an entry for the Evernote Developer Competition -- What I eventually came up with was an idea called "Notablemeals" An app that would let you easily capture any meals that were important for you and store them in Evernote.

This is certainly a scratch your own itch kind of app -- I've always weirdly wished I had more memories of important meals  -- A couple of time while traveling I've tried to take a picture of my food but I'm always disappointed with the results (who needs a bunch of random food snapshots mixed in with a picture of the pope -- who needs that?

Anyway I was on a crazy tight schedule (it was about 15 days until the end of the competition and I had *zero* lines of code written) and I knew that if I wanted any hope at all of  being competitive I need some help in the design department.

Fortunately  KaL MichaeL was available and after a whirlwind two weeks I'm happy to say we were able to turn out app in this last sunday evening with 'hours' to spare :-)

 I don't know how it will do in the competition but I do know that I've never felt better about an app.  It's design is great thanks to KaL, it's  code is some of the cleanest I've ever done and it's one of the more intuitive apps I've produced.

I've not submitted it to Apple yet but I hope to do so in the next day or so...  The website should be up in the next few days and I'm looking forward to getting more feedback on ways to improve it.

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