fun with Gform

In February the day after (or perhaps that night) I introduced @gform to integrate google forms with pluskit -- At the time I tossed up a sample page to show people what was possible and then didn't think much about it (the page is at Tonight I was working in Google Docs and I saw that spreadsheet and decided to take a look at it -- 84 responses from a 'throw away' page I created. While I was mostly ignoring it google was steadfastly gathering data and putting it neatly into a spreadsheet for me - I read through the comments tonight and really enjoyed them (so thanks if you commented) It's really astounding what is now so easily possible that used to require a bunch of custom programming, database and reporting tools. Now "Anyone" can manage data easily on the web. If you have any need at all to collect form data on the web @gform (or using the raw google form) is your friend -- I'm a bit biased toward @gform since you can keep your look and feel better but whatever you choose it's really painless so go enjoy
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