Drawing Mode

Google just released a 'drawing mode' in google docs. While it certainly won't replace Adobe Illustrator it's still a amazing achievement for an online word processor and should be quite handy to toss up a few quick diagrams to explain a point.
Of course I've updated PlusKit to work with it -- Grab 1.58 and enjoy all of the drawing goodness.
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PlusKit ScreenCast

One of the biggest issues I face with PlusKit is that people get a little overwhelmed with it. It's got so many little nooks & crannies that can really help solve some tough RW problems but people don't know where to start.

To that end I've teamed up with Kevin Burns at CRM Technik in what I hope is the first of many screencasts -- This one provides a gentle introduction to the major features of pluskit but even if you are a 'pro' I suspect you'll find one new item.

Please note that this was based off of PlusKit 1.35 so make sure you have the latest & greatest, grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy.

(edit: Fixed the broken link)
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PlusKit tutorial at Rapidweaverthemes.com

Gary over t RapidWeaver themes put together a nice tutorial on using Lightbox  effect that you can see here

In fact if you watch the entire thing you'll see a nice 15% off coupon off of Pluskit good for the month of September.

[edit] Gary is really out of control. he's just published version 2 of his screen-casts showing how to use @import!



Thanks Apple

I just spent the last 3 days pulling what's left of my hair out. A few customers were having weird PlusKit problems -- The symptoms weren't always exactly the same but similar enough for me to know that something was afoot -- The problem was everything worked great for me, I saw absolutely no problem.

The problem? Safari 3.0 beta. When Apple packaged up the safari 3.0 beta the installed a brand new WebKit framework in the systems folder. What does this mean? It mean's anything that uses WebKit will use the new (beta?) version of web kit.

A freakish amount of apps use WebKit including RapidWeaver with the result that you are now using a untested configuration of RapidWeaver. It turns out that PlusKit uses one small webkit function to help convert HTML entities to UTF8 characters that is broken in the WebKit beta which was the root cause.

I just pushed up a new version of PlusKit (1.04) that should work regardless if you have Safari 2.0 and Safari 3.0, it's highly recommended.

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I've been working on improving my FAQ's for the last few weeks. In general I've added quite a few entries and gone for a more 'traditional' FAQ layout (questions/answers).

I was using Accordion which is a fabalous plugin but it made doing searches on the web site a little tough, let me know if you like these new 'web 1.0' style FAQ's.

In order to avoid total loss of eye candy I've also included a comment and rating to each entry. check it out



You might notice a new look with the URL's at loghound.com

Most of them should have a nifty hover ballon when you point at them (go ahead and try looking at )

It's a pretty interesting service from snap.com, too bad there wasn't a way to automatically insert them based on page type, URL, etc......


New version of Pluskit

Hi All,

I've had a sneak preview of a new version of Pluskit that supports Carasoul & Accordion for a week or so. I didn't put it up on my main site since I wanted a little bit of testing but I've not gotten any reports of problems so it's up now.

This version (0.922U) replaces the underlying javscript libraries for the pluskit to a version that is friendly with the YourHead plugins. Go ahead and grab it here!


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