Pirates Vs. Ninjas

Hi All, You can now refer to me as "The award winning director" as I've just received a honerable mention in my documentary efforts to capture the struggle between Pirates & Ninjas. At my dinner table a constant source of discussions goes like this "Dad, which is better? x or y?" -- Where (x,y) = (superman, batman) or (basketball, baseball) or (Pirates, Ninjas) As it turns out we were not the only ones asking said questions -- On YouTube similar questions were asked

We of course had to express our opinion and along with 700 other people we voted, here was our vote

After the voting was in the winner was declared.. Ninjas! -- However when you watch the award video, if you wait to the very end you'll see list of 'honorable' mentions -- look who is 4th on the list!
-John "Award Winning Directory" M

Loghound software drops so-called web standards in favor of Microsoft Technologies

April 1, 2007 Loghound Software today announced today that after a thorough evaluation of web trends they are dropping support for so-called "Web Standards" in favor of Microsoft technologies. "After looking at the numbers" commented John McLaughlin, owner of Loghound Software, "We realized we've been making a mistake. Internet Explorer is the clear market leader and thus defines the real web" he went on to say "Starting now we've dropped support for third party browsers such as Firefox, Opera and Safari". When asked how his customer based would respond, John said "We will start encouraging our customers to drop non Microsoft technologies on both the Desktop and Server" With regards to future Development, John said "Here at Loghound software we are really excited to announce the development of a number of FrontPage plugins"
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