I've been working on improving my FAQ's for the last few weeks. In general I've added quite a few entries and gone for a more 'traditional' FAQ layout (questions/answers).

I was using Accordion which is a fabalous plugin but it made doing searches on the web site a little tough, let me know if you like these new 'web 1.0' style FAQ's.

In order to avoid total loss of eye candy I've also included a comment and rating to each entry. check it out



In case you haven't noticed I"ve been steadily running through my collection of plugins with small, but important, updates. See the respective change logs for details.

Tonight I pushed up a new version of RapidBlog -- A few small enhancements & bug fixes, most important is there is now a RSS Title field that you probably want to change from the default of "A Great Blog"!

I've had a few niggilng issues I'm still tracking down on RapidBlog but I feel I'm close to calling it 1.0 and starting to work on some major enhancements and new features including a archive overhaul, date localization and improved comment system.

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Base URL

Most of my plugins require the Base URL to be set up correctly but it seems to cause a lot of confusion.

Fortunately Nik Fletcher has just published a very nice screencast on it.

It's only about 2 minutes long Highly Recommended, Don should consider hiring him (or maybe Nik should consider a competitive offering)
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Secret Menu Items

Here in the US we have a food chain called 'in and out burger'. It's menu consists of hamburgers, french fries & drinks and for the majority of people they just order that (it's insanely popular and I've never figured out why).

One of the things 'the kids' enjoy about it is it's secret menu. You see while the actual menu is pretty simple they also have a secret menu (ok, it's not so secret since it's on the web page) -- It's my understanding that there is a even MORE secret menu that they don't even post on the web (you can imagine the fun).

Anyway I mention all of this because pluskit has secret options, let me tell you about one. Have you ever wanted to put together a simple table in a RW page?

This is a header
This is the first row
This is the second row.. It can be wide if needed
or say you
just want to
put things in nice

It's pretty easy to do within textile. As a rule I prefer markdown for most of my ascii based stylings but markdown doesn't talk tables. It's super easy with textile. For instance try this


|colum 1| column2|
|this is an item | this is a second item|


That's right.. You just put vertical bars between the columns and it will automagically create a table out of it. Much nice than inputting raw HTML! The great thing about pluskit is you can mix & match markdown & textile within a single page. To read more about textile go here

Also, I've put together a new screencast for sitemap. You can read about it in the FAQ at the bottom of the page. It shows different ways to move your sitemap.xml file to the correct location.


Macbook & Sitemap 0.90

Rumor has it (or at least had it) that Apple releases the new MacBook (non-pro) tuesday (which as I write is now today!)

Even though I keep on eyeing the 'pro' version the fact is my iMac works great in my day-to-day life, what I do need though is something for Intel testing as well as traveling. If the price is right and the feature set isn't too crippled the intel iBook MacBook may be just the ticket.

Oh, and i just put Sitemap 0.90 up on the server. It fixes Google & Yahoo sitemap export (previously if a page was hidden they didn't show up in the search index). You can read more and get it here

SiteMap 0.84 (again)

Well I had really hoped to get sitemap 0.84 out tonight but it's not going to happen.

Progress has been a little slow mostly because of the Easter Holiday (Relatives in town) as well as in the US April 14 is 'Tax Day' (e.g. you need to figure out and pay taxes). Needless to say I've been scrambling the last few days gathering receipts!

I actually have a build that seems to work (mostly) fine but I've not had enough testing and i really don't want to subject people to quite yet.

Hopefully I can get 0.84 out Tuesday evening (California time)


Sitemap 0.84

I've gotten a lot of great feedback and suggestions on SiteMap that I'm working on for a 0.84 release. One of the ideas I'm playing with is a better way to document your web site. I've hooked up the ability to create some pretty nice documentation via OmniGraffle & OmniOutliner...

These examples took a few button clicks and then a slight amount of tweaking.... I have no idea if there is any interest or not.... What do you guys think? Let me know


Sitemap 0.82

Thanks to everyone who has tried SiteMap and given great feedback... Although it works well I hope we can work out the last few niggling details soon. Speaking of which we are on the usual beta per day roller coaster (in this case two beta's per day)

I discovered a performance problem where a SiteMap could slow down the editing of your page (it was how I handle notifications of changes).... Version 0.82 is on the server and should fix this. I wouldn't have put one out so soon except for on very large sites it could cause a noticeable delay when editing pages.


Sitemaps again

It's pretty fun to map out your site....

There are lots of opinions on the internet for how to do it best... For instance some people like the good ol tree view

Other folks prefer alphabetical or even by category

Pasted Graphic

What do you prefer? Do you have a favorite?



There is a new feature on my page. I have a site map now...

It wasn't as hard to generate as you might think.

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